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  • Other thought: As dynamic disk works on volume and not on physical disk I think we can manage something similar to DE.

    Example: I have 2 disks of 500GB, my personnals datas are:

    Doc - pictures - musiques - computer saves => I want to duplicates this one over the 2 drives

    Vidéos (my own DVD/BR Rip) =>  I dont need any duplication, I just need space.


    Can I have this kind of setup:

    1 Mirrored volume wich take about 150GB (largely enough for tha data I have) for my personnal stuff I want to duplicate

    1 Stripped volume with the reste (so 350x2 = 700GB) for the vidéos files.


    If one disk fail I may loose my videos files but the mirrored files will be safe.


    Am I right ?

    Friday, February 11, 2011 11:15 AM
  • Yes, your thinking is correct.


    I have a very similar setup:

    1. 160GB drive - 100MB + 60GB System (C:) + 88GB Data (D:) (i called it safe data - Photos, Documents, Videos recorder by camcorder)

    2. 2TB drive - Mirrored D: drive + 1744GB Data (Music + Movies)


    Seems to be working OK, can't say anything about any performance impact as i just had it installed and didn't really test it properly.


    Also i believe you can extend partitions across drives, e.g. increasing the size of either of the existing partitions.



    Friday, February 11, 2011 11:55 PM