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  • Dear Microsoft,

    I have tried to purchase "Microsoft surface pro 4", the "type cover" as well as "Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface Pro" and had the worst customer service experience in my life!

    I have wasted 5 hours calling back and forth to Microsoft and the Loyd's bank and the issue has not been resolved and the transaction of 1718.09£ is pending and I am unable to use it for 5 days as a result of Microsoft's inability to comply with the instructions that the Lloyd's bank (UK) was giving. I even had a three way call between Microsoft and Lloyd's bank. However, in the end Microsoft customer service has been extremely inefficient and ignorant by being unable to follow the Bank's instructions given to them by the manager in Lloyd's Bank. Microsoft customer service also destroyed any trust that I had as a new customer, believing that a big company like Microsoft will be able to resolve the issue swiftly. I have also purchased "Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface Pro" but now I am very worried, as my experience with Microsoft customer service has been extremely bad and I fear that if I decide to still trust in Microsoft I will receive the same terrible customer service as I did with this issue, which should have been easily resolved.

    I have spoken to multiple people from Microsoft including "Ken R" who was very unprofessional and was making mistakes and trying to guess the Bank name instead of checking the records, as well as "Jeff V." who completely destroyed all my hope in Microsoft customer service. The conversation where "Ken R" and "Jeff V." as well as the Lloyd's bank were involved is in the same phone call made on Sunday (28/02/2016) at 19:53 UK time, and since Microsoft records the conversations according to "Jeff V." I really hope that Microsoft could also review the conversation as it has been the most painful and terrible customer service experience I have ever had!

    Now I am left without my order since Microsoft's denies of any order being placed as well as no willingness to cooperate with my bank. I am also left without a significant amount of money (1718.09£) which I wanted to use to purchase a laptop, but now have to wait for 5 working days just to get the money back to my account.

    Something that had to be a simple process of several mouse clicks and 5 minutes of my time, has turned into 5 hours of the worst purchasing experience I have ever had! This experience has left me so disgruntled, that I have decided to create a blog and share this particular incident in detail with the rest of the world, so that other customers think twice before buying from Microsoft and won't have to go through the same horrible experience.
    Monday, February 29, 2016 11:08 PM