CRM Security: Add Case from associated view on Account RRS feed

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  • I am having some issues in CRM Online...


    User is allowed to Read all Account records in CRM but cannot Write to them. User is allowed to create new Case records and link these to any Account record.
    The User must be able to create a Case from within an Account (i.e. from the Case Associated View within an Account Record).

    Current implementation: 
    User as the following security permissions assigned: 
    Account Entity: Read (ORG); Append (ORG); Append To (ORG)
    Case Entity: Create (ORG); Read (ORG); Write (ORG); Append (ORG); Append To (ORG)

    The User can create a Case record and link this to an Account record BUT the user does not see the 'Add New Case' button from within the Case Associated View within an Account Record.

    The permissions are correct as the user can create cases and link to Accounts but for some reason they do not see the 'Add New Case' button in the associated view.

    I have done some testing and if the User has Write permissions on the Account entity then the button appears, but without that it does not. Oddly, there is a similar set up for Contacts, but the user sees the 'Add New Contact' button in the Contacts Associated view (note that permissions for Contacts is the same as for Cases).

    Has anyone encountered this problem or is there something that I am missing here?


    Friday, January 2, 2015 12:18 PM

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