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    WARNING /!\


    So I went ahead an installed Windows 10 manually as the Notification has not yet arrived for me!

    I used the Media Creation Tool found Here, and proceeded with a clean installation, removing all old files and settings of Windows 8.1. I pretty much deleted the whole SSD to insure a clean install!

    To my disappointment, Windows 10 can no longer be activated with my old 8.1 key. As it does not recognize a previous install of a Genuine OS, obviously as I deleted the SSD.

    UPDATE & SECURITY does give me an Error code

    Error code: 0xC004C003

    ...but when manually entering my Windows 8 Pro Product Key, I get another Error

    error 0xC004F061

    ...where it finally explains, why I cant Activate:

    If you see error 0xC004F061 when you try to activate Windows 10, it means one of the following:

    •You're using a product key to upgrade to Windows 10, but a previous version of Windows wasn't installed on your PC. To update, you need to have Windows 8 or Windows 7 already on your PC.

    If you formatted or replaced your hard drive, you won't be able to use a product key to update to Windows 10. You'll need to install your previous version of Windows, and then reinstall Windows 10.

    This was not apparent during installation, and no warnings have been given or indicated that this will happen! *Microsoft, come on..

    So in order to get on the free Microsoft Windows 10 Genuine Activated version, I will now have to reinstall Windows 8, use my Upgrade Product Key to get 8.1, then Upgrade AGAIN to Windows 10 WITHOUT Formating or Deleting my SSD containing a previously Activated OS!

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? T_T 

    So be alert, when upgrading, or you will have to redo the whole thing!

    Friday, July 31, 2015 7:49 AM


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  • Same problem for me. Did a fresh format and install because the UPDATE was not working & kept crashing halfway through. Fails to activate.

    This is not good enough MS. 

    Why would I go through 3 installations just to get to Windows 10?

    Will my product key be removed from the 'blocked' listing ?

    Friday, July 31, 2015 11:03 AM
  • Same for me. I have a Dell Precision M6700. And did the following

    1) Did a clean installation of Windows 7 on a new SSD using the DVD and product code given to me by Dell.  Good to go, Windows 7 SP 1 Activated.

    2) Then I downloaded Windows 10 to a USB, did the upgrade, came back  with activated, for about 24 hours.

    3) An hour ago, I saw large "Windows Activation Required", tried my product key and it would not accept.

    Wasted 3 hours of my time. Fortunately, I have my old SSD running Windows 7

    Friday, July 31, 2015 5:37 PM
  • same here. MS needs to fix this ASAP
    Friday, July 31, 2015 6:13 PM
  • Why? - it's a by-design thing!

    The first Upgrade install MUST be started from within the qualifying OS, and MUST complete, AND BE PROPERLY ACTIVATED before any attempts at full a clean install can be successful.

    Please repost your Windows 10 query to the appropriate WIndows 10 Community forum here...


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    Tuesday, August 4, 2015 9:55 AM