I need to report abuse from an offending member of Windows Live. RRS feed

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  • I've done all I can to send all the information I could and I keep getting responses saying there's not enough information.  Why is it so freakin' hard to report someone who is harassing you?  I'm sick of this.  I deleted the offender from my account, but I want this person removed as they continue to find ways to harass me.  Her name is Gail Bowers and her email used is EMAIL GONE.  Her last email I reported is as follows...

    You really think it's okay for you to ignore me and abandon all support of your son and then "demand" that I give you my new cell phone number?  You think I don't know you are ____ around with someone else and are doing everything possible to try and keep that a secret from me?  Do you think you deserve to go about living life as though you didn't do all those horrible things to me, like cheat on, lie to, physically assault and overall completely abuse me in any way, shape and form?  When are you going to take accountability for the things you've done to me?  When are you going to be a man and stop running from the truth about yourself?  The more you avoid and try to pretend that you haven't been all of these things to me, the angrier I become!  I know you better than anyone and I know full well that you use other people to try and distract you from yourself and the things you've done!  You're a monster who deserves to pay!  And if you're not going to address any of what you've put me through yourself, and make right, I will be sure that justice is done!  You helped me bring a child into the world as well as help make my life more complicated!  I'm a single mother of 5 kids and I don't have the luxury of pretending that I'm some single person who can go out and do whatever the ____ I want like you do!  You use your kids for a paycheck and after what I saw you do to your son that night, I'm confident that you have the worst case of narcissim disorder in the books!  You think everything is about you!  Your poor kids constantly have to walk on eggshells around you!  You actually think that people are disposable, like me!  You don't give a damn about what I've sacrificed for you!  All you want is some ____ who is willing to put up with your pretending you're a christian while you really do and sell drugs on the side and think nothing of physically assaulting her when you don't get your own way!  I should have known that when you chose to go to a metal concert over coming here to see me in the hospital after just having your baby, that you weren't even a human being!  And yes, you can consider this a threat because I will be damned if you get to go off and not be accountable for what you've done to me while I suffer at the hands of all your destruction!  You either make good on your promises of getting anger management counseling and following through with that counseling at your church like you promised me or I will have no other choice but to follow through with my promises of reporting your assault against me, your assault against your son, your fraud with your pelgrant application, and your drug dealings between you and Steve!  This time I'm not making idle threats either!  You sent me home covered in bruises again, it's the very least I can do!  You have a week!  And go ahead and forward this message to your mother!  Like you're not an adult and have to have your mother fight all your battles for you!  I've already discussed with her about what you did to Zakk and she assured me she was going to do the right thing but if she chooses to remain silent because she selfishly is afraid that her grandchildren will go to Utah to be with their mother, than that will come back to bite her in the butt!  I have an obligation to protect Zakk and Trinity since I know the truth so if you aren't going to do the right thing, I will!  And I WILL tell Dominique what you did and am willing to testify in court, if needs be!  You obviously don't recognize the severity of the situation so this is why I have to spell it out for you plain and simply!
    Sunday, October 11, 2009 9:11 PM

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