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  • konikula has this "this contributor is MSDN testing bot, using BabelFish translator, passive NN "Thread integrator" and Google's VBCContextSearch api to help you resolving threads, if you want to improve it, just react to its posts. Your MSDN team :)

    as a signature.  if konikula is some form of automation, and not a real person, would you please turn it off? 

    here is something it said

    I am also great advocate to legitimate gun fights for love, as you know from Dostojevski, Pushkin or Tolstoj probably. I would suppose similar results in such advocacy, even if it would helped many people to determine accurately their priorities and duties... simply, "centuries have shown" ... regardingly "centuries have convince to obsedancy" ...
    Also thanks for next gallery piece, hopefuly third perfect one."

    there are many other literary gem's that i could post if you would like.
    Friday, December 5, 2008 11:31 PM

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  • Hi dbasnett, read what I will write you, and remember I want to preserve everything good what exists between us and us all, at all levels. Also keep in secret: "I am not a bot".

    Do you remember thread, where we all (many of our VBL collegues) discuted
    "Integer.ToString vs FormatString" and similar problems? It was just time around my "quicky" thread.
    There, at these two or three (I will find them for you, but it will take longer while) threads, many comrades did throw my Dim x%, y$ yards ahead, and I did great run for it. And, through this "quarrels" or rather "squirrels" on TYPE CHARACTER syntax, strictness and state of support (is it obsolete or no..), JohnWein did accuse me, that I am very difficult to be read. Not really accused, but did great fun from it, so that I was also laughing a lot. He simply asked me (hopefully it was him), if I am using BabelFish for writing my texts. (I just remembered now, It was different thread - that one where we got to discuss my colon aesthetic formatting, and my sql symbiot appeared). But simply, I liked this "you are speaking through BabelFish" ... as you know, I heard "it is difficult to read you" many times. So I just prepared my poster in SandBox

    :) Please, forgive me, I was really in VERY GREAT suppose that everyone in community knows where this poster rised. In my quickies thread 

    Dig-Boy just asked me, what that "BabelFish" remark under line means.

    But you didn't pass this thread probably and this made all the mess around.

    I begun to register, that you are not getting real sense of my "signature" in original GoTo thread,
    )) forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=4187498&SiteID=1&mode=1 ((

    (you: don't listen that bot, it is strange and ... )

    and my suspection was confirmed here

    (you: how can I put you into ignore list)

    but still I thought, that you're probably joking on other members, knowing that mine signature is to be joke. So I, even if I had CONFIRMED SUSPECTION that something is going wrong, didn't nothing, just awaiting some more tracks on it. Just my mistake that I have not introduced this problem directly discuting it with you.

    Before some days, I have got suspection, something is not right with Arjun, so that I offered him "Thread like BLOG"

    I did this, just being in suspection on social options of MSDN forums: "Arjun is missing his own field to play, talk and meet each other, so that he did make very strange error in one his post, he is simply loosing control over his existence here, because all society is degraded to Q&A's" - that was what lead me to this thread, previously called "Arjun's blogiis - offer", with different, momentally not accessible header (edited by run of insided discussion on my misunderstood proposal)

    Arjun was first person, who then (although he rejected original Idea of having personal twitter pseudo-sticky) proposed, that not his blog we are missing, but some general sticky for all VBL forum mm is necessary (or considerable required ;)

    Without this his proposition, I would not concluded this thread to be required:

    As I was posting this thread, I noticed this your thread.

    I am really sorry for this thread to your emotions, reason and similar contexts. I just hope you can make some fun from it... and I also hope, you will agree with me, that last link above does make sense: if Dig-Boy asked me on my "stamp"'s sense in such VBL "chat" sticky thread, you would be also person, knowing what is my signature about, and no confusion would be done.

    Also, for another readers, please, neither this post is to be PRESSING to do such stickies, this post is primarilly directed to dbasnett.

    I am not talking about my sin of using "Your MSDN" at end of it... but remember, WE are MSDN - it is not some "COMPANY HAVING SITES" -  this was the statement I was declaring, and I was arguing for instead against USING THIS PART OF TRICK TO CONFUSE A BIT ;)

    I hope I am not gonna be "disabled" by "switching off" ...
    for you dbasnett I have a gift: check how good are bots nowdays, talk with JabberWacky

    I hope everything is going be allright, also see my signature today, It is much better, isn't it? :P
    I hope you're fine.

    Thank you for great contribution to my GoTo thread, you are really very welcomed with every your opinion, and you are very inspirative and interesting man.

    Friend regards,
    Sincerely yours & fellow

     Anyway thanks that you consider some of my ideas to be "literary gem"'s .) I didn't hear this before, and for I am in great frustration* for reflection(s) on my philosophic work for long time, this makes me happy again

    best regards, Matt

    *(= I have no reflections)
    • Edited by konikula Tuesday, December 9, 2008 11:03 PM flipend
    Monday, December 8, 2008 5:12 AM
  • Anyway, I am really sorry for getting you in any kind of trouble in consequence.

    When I was, yesterday, clearing toxic content from my 8 days back threads with my psychoanalitique, I discovered one, where I did make some joke to you. You asked something around my new poster, and I answered "Entering service mode". I can't really tell you now, if I was'o'nt counting on that you know real "jokeful" page of it or not, truly. Hope you accept my beg for forgiveness and we stay friends.

    I am keeping you in best regards still
    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 11:00 PM