Credit Card Fraud


  • A xbox customer illegally used our debit card. We have via phone (your records should have 641-753-6222)been all over Microsoft and have not been helped. The issue is the fraud lasted for six months. The credit card company is recovering the last three months ($376.24) May thru present) and stated we must work on the first three months ($199.76) (Mar 23 thru Apr). The xbox help desk ssaid we must go thru the bank.  Vivian At xbox customer service agreed it was fraud but could not help. She gave us 4 customer ref #'s that are involved, 1108893554, 1108893746, 11088894135, 11088894183, and stated we weren't allowed to talk to the Microsoft fraud department who handled these matters - the bank must do this. The bank and Visa says it is up to us. After many hours of phone calling we could not find assistance. We would like a call back with some help. Microsoft needs an easier system to handle such matters, according to the local police and the state Attorney General these issues are getting worse. It is our desire not to get them involved futer unless we need to.
    Thursday, August 06, 2009 11:20 PM