locked out of windows live account


  • Some how i got locked out of my windows live account. When ever i try to sign in to windows live messenger, hotmail,,  i cant.  It tells me my email/password is incorrect. I go through the steps of resetting my password. It tells me my password has been reset,  i wait 10 min like the online support says to.. try to sign and it tells me i have entered my password/email incorrectly too many times... if i do ' sign in again' it asks me to match the random 6 characters and my password. When i do that it just reloads that same page and tells me my email/password is incorrectly..  i have reset,  matched characters for 3 days now and have gotten no where. I can not email support, when i try i get an error telling me that the ticket system in unavailable try again..  deleted all my cookies. even went as far as reformatting my hard drive and starting over.
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