how to transfer a value from a label to text box or a value in stored procedure in C#


  • how can i use the value i retrieved that shows on a  label.text on a gridview
    to be used in insert using a stored procedure that is called from a class?

    for example, my gridview show field id, companyid and value. how can i transfer
    these values which are assigned to label to display on a gridview to use
    as input value for an insert (stored procedure) that is called from a class?
    do i make any sense?
    martes, 09 de septiembre de 2008 19:28

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  • Hello,

          I think the Windows Forms General will be more fit for your question.   I am sure you will get more help from the experts on WinForm application there.


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    viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008 2:59