MS CRM 4.0 Database Size

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  • Hello Hussain,

    You should try to Shrink your database -

    I think you have chosen wrong forum. Your question belongs to Deployment forum from my point of view.

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    mardi 31 mai 2011 06:44
  • We do Shink on Mnthly basis but but end up with this size.

    mardi 31 mai 2011 07:09
  • Very strange. Try to do following:

    1. Open DB Properties.

    2. Open Options and switch Recovery model to Simple and Apply changes.

    3. In SQL Management Studio click with right mouse at required DB and select Tasks-Srink-Files.

    4. Choose File Type - Log, select "Release Unused Space" and click OK. Do the same for "Data" file type.

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    mardi 31 mai 2011 07:42
  • Maybe too late for the original poster, but for reference here are some considerations:

    • Are you sure you don't have 22.8 GB of data in the database ? I've seen CRM databases noticeably biiger than that, because that's the amount of data they have
    • Is it the Data or the Log file that you're trying to shrink ? If it's the log file, then you tend to have to use a combination of backing up the log, then shrinking the file, and you often have to do this sequence twice to fully clear out the space
    • To shrink the files most effectively, use the 'Reorganize page before...' option
    • If the data is taking up more space than you expect, you can find out which tables are most heavily used by running the Standard Report 'Disk Usage by Top Tables' within SQL Management Studio

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    lundi 15 août 2011 16:35
  • On top of what David said, I would make sure the AsyncOperation table is not amazingly full.  This it a log of every Async operation CRM has done.  In CRM 2011, there are options to automatically clean async operations up, but in CRM 4.0, you need to do it through SQL, especially if you want to automate it. 

    If your organization has a lot of processes and workflows running, and you've had CRM for a long time, that table can easily be the biggest table in the CRM database, and 99.9% of it will be safely deletable.

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    lundi 15 août 2011 16:46