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  • When I try to install Cliplets the installer either stalls at about 3/4 way thru or never starts. Does anyone else have this problem?  I am running Win 7 64bit and trying to install the 64bit version. I don't get an error message, just says that installer has stopped responding.
    jeudi 8 mars 2012 00:22

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  • We haven't heard of this problem before.  If you feel like helping us investigate, here's what you can do:

    1. Save the installer on your desktop: Go to the Cliplets 64-bit download page and click on the Download button, then choose "Save as" (instead of "Run" or "Save") and save the downloaded file to your desktop.
    2. Start a command prompt: Click on the "Start" button, then type "cmd" and press Enter.
    3. Tell the command prompt to go to your desktop: Type "cd %userprofile%\desktop" and press Enter.
    4. Make sure the installer is there: Type "dir" and press Enter.  You should see "Cliplets-for-64-bit-Windows.msi" among the files that are listed.
    5. Run the installer, creating a verbose log file: Type "msiexec /i Cliplets-for-64-bit-Windows.msi /L*v Cliplets-install-log.txt" and press Enter.
    6. Follow the installer's instructions.  If the installer stops responding, close its window.
    7. Once the installer is done (or you've killed it), send mail to and attach the "Cliplets-install-log.txt" from your desktop.
    8. You can now close the command prompt window and delete the installer and installation log file from your desktop.

    Thanks for helping out!  I hope this will point usin the right direction.

    Eric Stollnitz, Interactive Visual Media Group, Microsoft Research

    jeudi 8 mars 2012 21:44