Hardware Requirment for the HPC 2008 system and failover


  • Hi,

    I am new to the HPC System, it's still fuzzy for me and i have some questions hope if i can have some answers :)

    Q1.All servers must be the same hardware specs such as CPU speed and Memory or it does not matter !!, I'm asking this question because i would like to apply a failover mode and i have a temp server but not the same hardware specs "different cpu and ram"

    Q2.what is the difference between Windows Server 2008 R2 and HPC Edition, i though the difference is the HPC Pack is already installed in the HPC Edition but i wasn't able to find it ! so what make me install HPC Edition instead of R2 Edition !

    Q3.Applications that support HPC System will be installed on the head master or there is another path, and how the clients or user will be able to connect to the application !

    jeudi 9 février 2012 09:11


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  • Hello.

    Q1. When all servers has the same hardware cluster is called as homogeneous system. In other case - it is geterogeneous. It does matter when you tweak your algorithms and make it more efficient using exactly hardware - in this case homogeneous system is good. But geterogeneous systems are absolutely OK. Please answer what do you mean by saying "apply a failover mode". Failover mode of what?

    Q2. There are differences in a licensing and some roles and features that are available in WS2008 are not available in WS2008HPCS.

    Please check this link for answer from some expert.

    Q3. Sorry, i don't understand your question. Can you give some more details?

    vendredi 10 février 2012 15:44
  • Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for your reply, i mean by failover mode "failover cluster" for the head node, i know microsoft recommend to use the same or similar components, but it's possible to use different component specially the CPU and RAM.. correct?

    Q3. I don't know what application the client will install on the HPC yet. but i would like to know some general information on how the application deployment scenarios such as the application will be install on the head node only or on every node ! and how the user will connect to the application through web url or IP or agent !.. just general information to be able to respond to the client queries :)

    lundi 13 février 2012 01:25
  • Hello.

    According to MSDN,

    "Servers: We recommend that you use a set of matching computers that contain the same or similar components. ". So, i think, the same hardware will be ok. But be aware: network parameters (network adapters), Windows OS versions, hardware architecture (32/64, Itanium), patches and other software should be the same.

    Be aware! Windows Failover Clustering is not a feature of Windows Server 2008 HPC Edition. In order to take advantage of failover clustering, appropriate licenses of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, or Datacenter should be purchased.

    Q3. I think i understood. There are many scenarios. First it depends on the architecture of application. Many HPC software use "client-server" model. For example, Comsol can be installed only on head-node, and then its directory should be shared among computing nodes, and this is enough.

    But some software (like 3dsmax) also use client-server model, but clients should be installed on computing nodes, and additional software should be installed (like a middleware - "server" software distributes tasks and packages on computing nodes, and "clients" who also are installed on the nodes receive tasks, compute it and return them to "server").

    For access we use Remote Desktop - we have Remote Services installed, and users connect to head-node and work. I think this is not so good architecture, but we have "tight" budget :)

    Good way of doing things is use of Remote Desktop Web Access. You can set up RD Web  Access and publish your soft to your clients and they can use it without problems connected with remote sessions etc.

    Please ask if something is not clear.

    lundi 13 février 2012 15:41