OCS Sip Failure


  • When I run validation on the edge I get no errors, all checks inbound are fine

    when I run validation on the SE I get the following error:

    Routing Trust Check and MTLS connectivity:Received a failure SIP response

    Routing Trust Check and MTLS connectivity:MTLS connection establishment succeeded but received a failure SIP response.......




    Can anyone help me solve the above issue? Cannot connect to communicator or live meeting externally. I am also getting the following errors in my event viewer.



    Communicator failed to connect to server livemeeting.prg.local (208.205.x.x) on port 5061 due to error 10060. The server is not listening on the port in question, the service is not running on this machine, the service is not responsive, or network connectivity doesn't exist.



    Please make sure that your workstation has network connectivity. If you are using manual configuration, please double-check the configuration. The network administrator should make sure that the service is running on port 5061 on server livemeeting.prgx.com (208.205.x.x).





    jeudi 16 octobre 2008 05:32

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  • Did you configure all your DNS records and Certificates and Firewall rules?


    You can use this tool to verify your config


    OCS EDGE Planning tool



    jeudi 16 octobre 2008 10:39

    That is really not an issue.  This happens if the Cert on the Internal Access Edge interface is different than the machine FQDN.





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    mercredi 26 novembre 2008 01:51
  • Unbelievable. I've been trying to resolve this error for 3 days after trying to connect to my Edge Servers through a VIP.
    I've just tried connecting externally, and everything works fine. Looks like the below doesn't really matter if you're connecting through a VIP with a DNS entry which doesn't match the FQDN of the Edge server.

    Routing trust check and MTLS connectivity: Received a failure SIP response
    Routing trust check and MTLS connectivity: Received a SIP
    failure response. This usually indicates lack of routing trust between the remote
    server and the current machine. Check the local and remote server certificates for any
    misconfiguration. In addition, check whether the local server is recognized
    as a trusted server by the remote server.
    mardi 8 décembre 2009 11:54