Purchased AutoCollage 08 but still uses Trial version on pictures


  • First I downloaded the Trial version of AutoCollage 08. Then I decided to purchase the real version. Before I downloaded the real version, I uninstalled the trial version. Now with the real version, every time I do a collage, it places a stamp of "MicrosoftAutoCollage 08 - Trial version" on every picture. HELP! Why is this doing this and how do I get it to stop.
    יום חמישי 26 ינואר 2012 20:12


  • Hi

    I have just downloaded and paid for the full version.  You should have received a confirmation email receipt in which there is a key code.  Open up AutoCollage 08 click on Options in the Action pane on the right hand side and you have three options Output, Input and registration.  Click on Registration and copy and paste the key code from the confirmation email receipt you received and click OK.  Once it shows that it's registered on the registration tab I don't think you will have a problem.  If you have deleted your confirmation email, you maybe able to find under your Account and purchase.  I did note that on the information about the trial version that there is a water mark on every picture.  I haven't noticed any watermarks on the collage I have just tried.

    Hope this helps


    יום שלישי 14 פברואר 2012 18:07