Windows Home Server Vail RTM Media Library error troubleshooting?


  • I recieved a rather vauge error when loading up my Vail RTM Remote Web Desktop.  

    The error was in the Media Library panel and read:

    "An error has occurred on the server. Please try again later. If the error continues, view Support Information for help."

    This error replaced the section where my Media Library folder normally sit.   There are no errors present on the dashboard via "Alerts".  

    Any suggestions as to how to go about troublehshooting this error?

    יום שני 25 אפריל 2011 19:51

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  • I have the same problem. It worked fine yesterday when I first installed the computer, and worked for awhile today. Then, without warning, I started getting this exact error. I rebooted the server, and I also turn-off and turned back on media sharing. But I still get the error when using remote access.
    Ken Carson
    יום שלישי 10 מאי 2011 03:12
  • I have this error too. Prior to this, only parts of the media library were visible. I added some permissions, left it to rebuild the database and came back to see this error.

    Does anybody have any ideas?



    יום ראשון 29 מאי 2011 21:00