Sorry Kalnemi for a long silence. 3 Zentity Data Model questions.


  • Thank you for providing rich documentation and answers to our sometimes skeptic questions.

    Happy new 2012 year (I am little bit late, but wish you and Zentity all the best in this year)! :)


    My late questions:

    1. Could you give a little bit more description to zentities and inheritance in Zenti-data model?

    2. Resource, Raletionship and probably File is more or least clear. But all the rest PredicateProperty, Property... can't get the idea.

    How does inheritance work? It's really difficult to understand the idea of this picture without extra comments.

    But of course for definitions of Association and Inheritance it's nice.

    3. May I still try a conversation? I have read and understood the document about [data change] logging like this simple feature. For now I feel that most questions are connected with Zentity Data Model. I also had some more or less experience in installation... one day I spent :( 14 hours from zero point... In order to understand that it is possible to do in 4-5 (from zero point; depending on connection speed) if you do everything correctly. I just need to find this info I saved several months ago.


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  • I just need to find this info I saved several months ago.

    I found this folder with:
    1. [15 steps]
    2. [one by one]
    3. [sequenced installation].

    If somebody interested in I'll share my 3 days installation experience. :)

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  • Most welcome to forum and happy new year to you too.

    I need some time to put the answers(whatever I know).  I will work during this weekend and will put up a reply with some "nice" examples and discription.

    By the time if you get any further queries then let me know.



    יום חמישי 02 פברואר 2012 09:30
  • yes, off course, it would be great. It will be helpful for other Zentity users as many queries comes related to installation.
    יום חמישי 02 פברואר 2012 09:34
  • Sorry for the delayed response, I needed some time to brush up the data model as well as entity framework. We can have a conversation. Please decide the schedule and the time zone and let me know. My mail id is

    יום שלישי 07 פברואר 2012 21:02