Issue in MR Data Migration wizard


  • When i am doing Management Reporter Migration of data from FRX, after configuring company and mapping segments at the time of conversion of data i.e., (9th step of installation) after marking check box proceed with the conversion and then i click on next button i am getting an error as mentioned below:

    Management Reporter
    Windows Authentication is not supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    in the complete migration wizard i am giving SQL credentials itseld not windows authentication. Can anyone help me on this?




    2010. július 7. 5:47

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  • Manju,

    Sorry to hear you are running into this. This is a product defect in our GP provider.  Right now the workaround would be to upgrade the reports using a beta version of Management Reporter. We realize this is a critical issue and we are looking to release a fix in the near future to resolve.

    Defect 460705 – Migration Wizard error Windows Authentication is not supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This will upgrade reports but account numbers will not be migrated.

    (Dynamics GP Beta bits here:)

    Management Reporter.zip

    Management Reporter Setup

    ZIP (34MB)

    DynamicsGP Data Provider.zip

    Dynamics GP Data Provider Setup

    ZIP (41MB)

    Migration Wizard.zip

    Management Reporter Migration Wizard Setup

    ZIP (14MB)



    2010. július 7. 20:35
  • Ryan,

    Thanks for your update on the issue i am facing.



    2010. július 8. 5:12
  • I just experienced the same thing migrating the current FW company so I could have demo data for my clients. I am thankful for this post to know that I didn't do something wrong using the data migration wizard.

    My question is if they know it's broken, then why not pull the download from the release page? Or at least post a Critical Message below the download? (Rhetorical question) Thanks again for your post.


    2010. július 13. 16:43
  • Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for the feedback. We have been working on posting a link to the current list of known issues. This should be posted shortly.


    2010. július 19. 18:55
  • Hi,

    Has this been resolved yet?   I see Service Pack 1 is out.  It mentions something about authentication but not sure if this exact issue got resolved.

    2010. szeptember 23. 0:21
  • Yes this has been fixed. You can download SP1 here:




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    2010. szeptember 27. 18:01
  • Thanks Ryan.   I installed SP1 and verified that I was able to use the migration wizard.


    2010. szeptember 28. 13:19