BCC Address for Dynamics CRM Online?


  • Is there a BCC email address I can use to get my emails into the Dynamics CRM Online?

    All other CRM apps we are looking at have a BCC address to use. It is very simple to find the BCC address needed to accomplish this task. I am unable to see anything like that with Dynamics CRM.

    We would like to use Google Apps for Business email with Dynamics CRM Online. We would prefer not to switch our email over to Office 365 Exchange in order to save email history in Dynamics CRM Online. Is there a simple way to find the BCC address our users would use to get emails into the CRM or is this a major IT task. We are a startup and do not have IT to support us.

    I have received some hits about Email Router from Microsoft but those all seem to imply you are using Exchange/Outlook.

    Thanks in advance!

    2013. március 24. 23:23

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  • I've implemented Sage CRM and it has a feature to BCC emails that get filed in the CRM database. Unfortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online does not have this feature.

    The E-mail Router for CRM is a small program that polls your users' mailboxes and automatically files customer-related e-mail messages they have received, and it also delivers outbound e-mail messages through your e-mail server. It works best with Exchange, but also works well with other e-mail services too (although I've never specially tried Google Apps for Business).

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    2013. március 25. 0:21
  • Thanks for the info Neil. Seems Dynamics is the only one that doesn't have this. I'll did around for info on using the Email Router with Google Apps. 
    2013. március 25. 0:26
  • Hi,

          There are alternates available to achieve BCC feature though. You can configure CRM Queue to have the suggested e-mail address and get e-mails appearing in the queue. It is possible to associate E-mail router with Google Apps. Here is the post which confirms this.

    Hope this helps.

    Minal Dahiya
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    2013. március 25. 0:52
  • Thanks Minal. I had seen that post in my searching, but without any experience with the email router it was a bit above my head. I suspect we'll need to find a CRM consultant to handle this task. I just wanted to confirm I was not missed a simple BCC address to use like every other CRM we have looked at. Unfortunately, it doesn't look that simple. 
    2013. március 25. 1:47
  • Microsoft has focused their efforts on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client to offer rich CRM features for Outlook users. Most of Microsoft's competitors don't have a rich Outlook add-in for their CRM product, instead offering simple features like BCC emailing filing.

    If you are using Outlook and Exchange, Microsoft CRM is easy. If you are using an alternative e-mail client or server, it's possible but not quite so easy.

    Recently, Microsoft has started to play nicely with non-Microsoft products; Microsoft Dynamics CRM now works with non-Microsoft browsers and on competing mobile devices. But such a large percentage of Microsoft's target audience for CRM already use Exchange and Outlook, perhaps Microsoft has decided not to invest much in features to support competing e-mail services.

    Neil Benson, CRM Addict and MVP at Slalom Consulting. Find me on Twitter. Join over 20,000 other CRM professionals on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group on LinkedIn.

    2013. március 25. 2:02
  • I actually had a similar problem for one of my clients a year or so ago, which involved automatically BCC'ing an email address which is monitored by the CRM Email Router... it sounds like this is similar to what you are asking (the only difference being that you would knowingly be setting the BCC email address, whereas we were anonymously setting it with exchange rules).

    I wrote a blog post on it as well, it explains how to trick CRM into tracking the emails BCC'd to the user. Note that it does involve a bit of development work (eg writing a plugin, creating an email address, and setting up the email router), but it's fairly simple if you can create the plugin and have somewhere to install the email router.

    This post explains it a bit more anyway, and shows the plugin code needed:

    Hope that's not too technical


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    2013. március 25. 5:53