I thought I was going to be talking to a human. I will find a program that has live chat with a human ir i do talk to someone live disregard thank you.


  • I have a Few Questions. I have a few months left on this subscription and don't know if I will continue to use purchase  this program any longer . My Problem is this my Pc runs slow. Virus Mal-ware Trojan  something. I was to made to  believe i would be notified by a pop up  when a virus or any thing that could harm my pc.  was found . I have had this running for almost a year. and never received a pop up of such,  being blocked. Happy I am not. So this entire time I have owned this program and all the system searches it has came up with nothing. I surf the net a very lot and put pc at risk trusting in this software. I am sure I have a virus I have done a 30 day trial of a different program I will not name. So can you prove to me this program is working am i doing something wrong. why should I keep renewing this software. I was told i would beable to speak live with suport. and just found i started a form. if this has happen to you please comment and recomend a software like this with live support.  I sure had it when I fist paid for it.
    2010. május 6. 11:03


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