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  • Hi,

    I'm about to buy a laptop that will come with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

    I am going to want to upgrade immediatly to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I have questions about the Anytime Upgrade.

    I have multiple PC's that i've already upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.  Some were upgrades and one was a full blown purchase, not an upgrade.  ALL ARE RETAIL versions for the primary reason that i want to be able to transfer the license/keycode to other machines in the future or upgrade to newer/larger HD's in the future.  For this main reason, i avoid OEM versions.

    With regard to the Anytime Upgrade from Home Premium to PRO... is this too considered RETAIL?

    Can i reinstall at any time and get back to PRO or transfer the license to another PC if i ever get rid of the laptop (reformat drive and sell as blank drive)?

    If i do the Anytime Upgrade, do i get a new Keycode and if so, how do i get it?  Is it emailed to me?

    When it comes time to upgrade or transfer the license to a different PC/Laptop/Hard Drive... can i use one of my Retail Installation DVD's to install the OS and then put in the new Anytime Upgrade key (again, if i get one)?

    I have done google searches and i simply cant find the fine print on how the Anytime Upgrade works for people like me.

    I know i can do backups of my HD image and always restore, but... even those after several years can get damaged.

    I appreaciate any help with the full details on how this works for when it comes to reinstalling windows at a future time.



    2010. szeptember 7. 23:27


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  • The anytime upgrade is retail, the underlying, upgraded OS will in this scenerio be OEM. The upgrade license will be transferable to another PC in the future but in that case it would have to be removed from the existing computer, you would be able to revert to the OEM install of premium -OR- install any other retail OS on it, upgrade or full version as long as any upgrade requirements are met with the OEM premium.

    If you go to your favorite retailer and purchase an anytime upgrade simply insure that it is labled for windows premium to pro or purchase it from the following link (I advise you have it shipped so you have a COA with key instead of just an email).

    Boot to the PC with premium on it, type anytime upgrade in the start menu, run the wizard, install the key, the PC will reboot once or twice and you're done. Simplest upgrade procedure ever.

    For reinstallations simply install via the manufacturers recovery program, after windows installs run the upgrade just as you did on the original installation, it only adds an additional ten minutes to the installation process and also does not leave the normal upgrade leftovers to cluter your system. Like any key, if activated more than specified it will require a phone activation and a conversation with a MS rep to insure the key is not being abused.

    Also, of note, the anytime upgrade functionality works with full version keys also. Example: you are running Premium and want to upgrade to ultimate and have a retail ultimate license, run the wizard, install the ultimate key, activate after the upgrade is complete and if the premium key was retail it is now available for a different system. The anytime upgrade is great, the only way to make it better would be to allow me to take a computer with ultimate and downgrade it to premium to free up the ultimate key.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Am i understanding correctly that when you buy a Laptop, it comes with an OEM version of Windows 7? 

    If yes, i thought OEM versions of Windows were good for one install and that's it.  Not transferrable to another machine (providing you wipe the previous drive) and if you HD fails and get a new one... you cannot reinstall the original copy of Windows.  One install and done where as Retail can be reinstalled as many times as you wish and is transferrable (again, providing you wipe the original drive).

    When i get this laptop, what i would like to do is immediately REFORMAT the hard drive, get out my Windows 7 Pro Retail DVD Installation Disk... and install a clean copy of the OS and then use my ANYTIME UPGRADE KEY from Premium to Pro.

    Is that possible or will it be mandatory that i must put Premium (via the factory restore disk that comes with the laptop) back on this machine first and then use the Anytime Upgrade link, enter the PRO Key and then upgrade using this method?  (And again, if the original Premium OS is OEM, is that not a problem?)

    I think i understood too, that if i go to a local retailer or order via the link you provided, that i'm indeed going to receive a Key Code and that key will be Retail regardless of what the underlying OS was (OEM vs. Retail).  Right?

    Let me know about the other remaining questions.  I sure do appreciate your reply and the information provided.



    2010. szeptember 8. 13:40
  • Hello Terster,

     This forum is for the support of Windows 7 Validation (non-genuine) issues.

     For your question, I recommend posting in the 'Install, Upgrade and Activate' (or possibly the 'Getting Ready for Windows 7') section of the Windows 7 Answers Forums

    Thank you,

    Darin MS
    2010. szeptember 8. 19:34
  • Hi,

    I have posted in the forum you suggested for Install, Upgrade and Activate. 

    I posted here mainly because when i searched on "anytime upgrade" this is the forum where i found the answers to other related questions.  Unfortunately, i didn't find the answers i was looking for, so i posted my own questions.



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