How can we make web (flash) phone?


  • Hello, guys


    We need web telephone to our website to our customers can call to our call center

    Our specialists can`t do this really...

    Does anybode engaged in this? Can you give me advice about web- flash- phone system development?


    Thank you,


    2010. július 20. 5:00

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  • Hello, Valentina!


    Flashphoner is exactly what you need.
    It is software which allow you create your own flashphone easy.
    You can creat click-to-call buttons or really flashphone with it. It is very simple in use and have detailed documentation.
    Please check this - and this


    - Resampling Speex16 ↔ Speex8 
    - Transcoding Speex ↔ G.711 
    - Connect RTMP ↔ VOIP 
    - Support SIP 2.0 
    - Support DTMF

    Client (free in complete)
    - Flashphone  - open source
    - Click-to-Call button - open source
    - Java Script API


    Please check your PMB, or contact us by
    We will help you with pleasure.

    2010. augusztus 6. 10:45