Forums 4 - Release 32 - September 1st

    Általános vita

    • A lot of work was done recently on some of the internal tooling to make the back end more management. This sounds minor but was a substantial effort and will be a big time saver for many of the forum owners when managing roles in the system
    • We enabled some customization so forum owners can customize a portion of the right rail of the application. This will be used to provide custom messaging to various audiences.
    • We did a lot of work on the notification service to minimize the outtages that have plagued the system for months. This would should make the email alerts and points/activities reporting more stable and predictable.
    • Minor change to increase the font when authoring a post. We still have some work to do here but this is a step towards improving little things as we go.
    • We fixed a problem to ensure the new home page design for MSDN and TechNet is enabled on all en based locales, prior to this it would only show up for users with en-us.
    • Various bug fixes including some minor performance fixes.
    • We removed the 'script' dialogs for the reason text, moving to an inline modal div. We also put 'reason' text back in for Mark as Abuse, something we removed but were asked by users to put back in.
    • Details are now published around the points and achievements for forums recognition changes that went live back in July. The FAQ is here:


    Community Forums Program Manager
    2011. szeptember 1. 22:40