Project Online Remote Event Receivers (None of the event is firing)


  • Hello All,

    I've created Project Online remote event receiver and deployed it to the Azure then registered Event handler to PWA site using CSOM. 

    But none of the event handler is firing (tried ProjectCreating, ProjectPublishing etc..) . When I browse to the Event handler Webservice WSDL I can able to see it properly.

    Could you please help me if anyone does this successfully for Project Online. 

    For reference I've followed the below sites.


    Rajkumar Allepu

    Kamis, 04 Oktober 2018 05.11


  • Thanks for the reply Paul.

    seems like the above links I've referred would be working only for  Project server on-premise. For Online I developed a SharePoint online solution with Client ID & client secret, so this time it worked. Now the Synchronous events are also firing properly.


    Senin, 08 Oktober 2018 05.14

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