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  • Is Server side event handlers strictly confined to the PWA and Is any code implement onPublishing or onUndating events triggered in the Project professional Client? I want to do a validation on the project before updating the project and want to give the end user a message on the Validation result. 

    I know we can write up an add-in to do the validation , however due to deployment constrains I want to manage this functionality from the server. Again the end users are using Project professional 2010  client and not the PWA. thanks 

    21 Juni 2011 5:38

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  • Yes, PSI event handlers are for Server only. They have no effect on Project Professional. If you want to warn the user about something in Project Pro, you either need an Add-in, or a VBA macro.

    The VBA Macro can be stored in the Enterprise Global file and so made available to all Project Pro users connected to your Project Server. This makes it easy to deploy.

    Rod Gill

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    21 Juni 2011 7:08
  • Thanks Rod for the quick reply.  I not very experienced with having to call webservice thru VBA. My code is as below. can you advice if there is anything else i need to do on the client machine. this code seems to be working on my machine but not on my colleagues computer.

    Like you said , i published this code in the Enterprise Global File and i checked to see if the code is available on the Other Client Computer. 


    Private Const c_WSDL_URL As String = "http://servername/serviceName.svc?wsdl"

    Public Sub CallWebService(workRef As String, tk As Task)

    On Error GoTo Err_CallWebService

            Dim oClient As SoapClient30

            Set oClient = New SoapClient30

            Dim iresult As Boolean

            oClient.mssoapinit c_WSDL_URL

            iresult = oClient.MethodName(workRef)

            If iresult = False Then

                tk.Flag1 = False

                SelectRow Row:=tk.ID, RowRelative:=False

                Font Color:=pjRed


                SelectRow Row:=tk.ID, RowRelative:=False

                Font Color:=pjBlack

                tk.Flag1 = True

            End If

            Set oClient = Nothing

            Exit Sub


        MsgBox ("Error on : " & workRef & " " & Err.Description)

    End Sub

    21 Juni 2011 12:30
  • I have requirement where I need to perfrom few checks when a task is added/deleted/updated in MPP or PWA. But none of the events (OnUpdating,OnActivityupgrading,OnUpdatingScheduledProject,

    OnEntitiesDeleting) are fired in my code.

    Any idea what the problem could be?

    FYI, I am using Project Server 2016.


    09 Mei 2018 6:00