reading timephased BCWP using PSI, CSOM, OData, or directly from database


  • Hi, 

    We need to read the BCWP per day values from a project plan to display them in an external system but we can't manage to find a way using the PSI, CSOM, or OData. Moreover, we can't find any tables in the database that contain the BCWP timephased data. Is there a way to read the timephased BCWP??

    If there is no way to read it directly, is it possible to reproduce the BCWP timephased data? To do so, we need the physical % complete (since we use physical % complete as the earned value method) values that correspond to each status date from the start of the project but we also can't find the historical data for the status dates and physical % complete anywhere!! The current status date and the current physical % complete for each task can be read using CSOM but what about the previous values? We need them to reproduce the BCWP. If the timephased BCWP, historical data for status dates, and historical data for physical % complete are not found anywhere, how is microsoft project calculating BCWP? The below figure is there to clarify our point. Notice how the physical % complete and the status date needs to be knows for T1, T2, T3, and T4 in order to be able to reproduce the timephased BCWP. To prevent confusion, hours and $s are equivalent to us since all resources have rates of 1$/hr and there are no other costs.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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  • Hi George,

    we have the same question here : how to reach timephased Earned value in Project Server. Did you managed  to find a way to get timephased Earned value data ? 


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    Senin, 05 November 2018 17.06