warcraft 3 ROC & TFT cd keys free

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    This method is good if you have two computers, and want to play B-NET on both at the same time, this will give you two
    CD-KEYS, so you can share with a friend or whatnot.
    This method will make a non-used b-net cd-key from any other WORKING b-net key for warcraft 3. This method WORKS, and the
    resulting key will be a free, unused BATTLE.NET Cd key!
    Don't e-mail me saying it doesn't work if you aren't using the BOX version! It MUST be from the back of a OFFICIAL
    If you mail me with a question, and I find out you're using a key-gen B-NET Key to make it, I'm not gonna reply at all!
    If you honestly used the Warcraft 3 cd CASE cd key, and have a problem with the new key, e-mail me at with the CD-KEY you CREATED using this method, I'll find the problem with your key for you, under NO circumstances should
    you give your ORIGINAL B-NET key to ANYONE!

    1)Write down your BOX-CD KEY on notepad, or another similar typing program.(INCLUDE THE DASHES)

    2)On the first set of numbers, add 1 (one) to the numbers, if it turns to 10, make it a zero
    3)On the second set, minus all numbers by 1 (one)
    4)On the 3rd one leave it the same
    5)on the 4th set, put it backwords(ex. 1a2a would turn to a2a1)
    6)On the fifth one, keep it the same
    Now, use the new key, or give it to a friend, if it doesn't work, e-mail me the key YOU MADE, not the box one. I will try
    to fix it, and mail you back with a working, unused Battle.NET CD-Key
    If for some reason it does not work don't hesitate to email me!
    P.S. Include the exact letter that are with the key. The letters DO NOT need to be changed, But I need to be able to see
    where they are in your key. The numbers are what should be changed.

    ive done it it worked for me!

    If it doesn't work email it to me and I will try to make it for you and send it to you.
    My email- Again, if it does not work, feel completely free to email me. i'm here to help!

    Again, my email:
    01 Agustus 2010 16:32

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