Using TaskTimephasedDataSet odata to retrieve hours spended in tasks per day, is returning strange values!


  • Hello, i am using the odata url _api/ProjectData/TaskTimephasedDataSet and I realized that this service return the Project Summary Tasks (task with the name of project) with the total of hours realized in the all project per day. I have a day in the project that just have one task to be done with four resources assigned to it, totalizing 32h of work and 1 day of duration on the schedule. However, when I get the hours realized in that day searching the Summary Project Task(Task with the project name) in odata, i get 96h realized to that day, which should only have 32h.

    I get it right how this service really work? Any clue what this could be?

    Senin, 03 Desember 2018 13.57


  • I dont know what was happening but i just republish the project and the values was set correctly in odata now.
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    Selasa, 04 Desember 2018 14.01