Are the Dynamics Labs Applications Abandoned?


  • I'm trying to access the templates here:


    Specifically, the Higher Education template. It brings back a 404. Used to work about 8 months ago.

    17 Mei 2016 21:32

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  • I am having the same issue when I contacted Microsoft they could download the templates but it appears that no one else can but we are all wrong apparently
    07 Juni 2016 8:42
  • Same problem here - Contacted Dynmaics Labs through pinpoint - They say they are looking at the problem. as of the 9th Jun

    14 Juni 2016 5:03
  • The PinPoint site is undergoing infrastructure and download process changes. We apologize for temporary inconvenience. We are doing our best to fix the templates download process as soon as possible. 

    Thank you for your patience.

    Inna Agranov

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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    16 Juni 2016 0:08
  • Thank you for the update - in the meantime could you drop them in a one drive share or some other temporary solution so we can access them?
    22 Juni 2016 1:14
  • Hi. Has the templates download process been fixed yet?
    10 Agustus 2016 12:03
  • Has this been completed yet?  Is there any way to get to the templates?
    12 Oktober 2016 13:11
  • When are the templates going to be made available again?
    27 Oktober 2016 0:27