what is Project Baseline and Assignment Baseline


  • Hi All,

    There is two Baseline in the Project, I can under the Project Baseline but how can I calculate Assignment Baseline? thanks.

    11 Juni 2018 15:37

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  • SamDany,

    Your post is confusing. For example, what are the "two Baselines"?

    When you set a baseline Poject saves baseline information for tasks, resources and assignments so what exactly are you trying to calculate? For example, in the screen shot below, task c has two assignments, bill and bob. When I saved a baseline Project saved the data for each assigned resource.


    11 Juni 2018 17:12
  • Hi John,Thanks for your response.

    Actually I am trying to understand how they calculate Planned % in SSRS report

    (SUM([AssignmentBaseline0Work])/[ProjectBaseline0Work])*100 as plannedComplete
    I know that [ProjectBaseline0Work] is Baseline Work but I don't know what is [AssignmentBaseline0Work]. Any suggestions? thanks.

    12 Juni 2018 9:11
  • The Project Baseline Work is the baseline work on the Project Summary Task (task 0). Ultimately it is the sum of all of the Assignment work (assuming you have assignments).  In your image above, the assignment baseline work is the work for joe, tom, bill and bob (which you are not displaying, but you are displaying the assignmentbaselinecost, even though it is just showing as Baseline Cost)

    Ben Howard [MVP] | web | blog | book | downloads | P2O

    12 Juni 2018 11:07
  • Sam,

    It looks like Ben gave a good explanation. Did that answer your question? If so, give him the credit. If not, what additional information do you need?


    12 Juni 2018 15:33

    Thanks for your response Ben and John.

    What I am trying to achiece is to show Planned % and Actual % of project completion. And here is my SSRS calc:

    (SUM([AssignmentBaseline0Work])/ProjectBaseline0Work)*100 as plannedComplete,
    (SUM(AssignmentActualWork)/ProjectWork)*100 as actualComplete

    Only for Actual % complete I got some values but for Planned % returns 0 because AssignmentBase0Work is 0.

    My question is How ProjectBaseline0Work has some values and AssignemntBase0work is 0. Or is there any allocation issue?

    Here is the report:

    13 Juni 2018 9:22