Need Special Custom Field to keep track of project status comments


  • The PMO I am currently working for recently switched from Project Insight PMIS to Project Web App. We are currently trying to find a replacement function of a field that was in Project Insight that we called "Last Status Comment." This was a summary field that Project Managers would fill out on a weekly basis to let program managers know about what's going on. It was usually about 1-3 sentences and was saved as a log every time it was entered, along with the date it was entered on.

    In PWA, we have been using a custom long text field in our "Project Information" part of each project. The problem is that this field does not keep track of old project statuses. So I'd like to know if there could be a field within Project that I don't know about that could do what we need it to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    Senin, 19 November 2018 20.18

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