Article Creation Privilege by Subject


  • Hi,

      Is there a way to restrict creation of articles so that users belonging to a specific team are only allowed to create articles that have a specific subject.

      Example: Users belonging to team Benefits can only create articles with the subject Benefits.

    Secondly, is it possible to force articles to "expire" after a set period of time?


    • Diedit oleh HendPro12 24 Oktober 2011 18:11
    24 Oktober 2011 18:09

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  • hi,

    I think, to achive this, you have to develop a plugin checking if user can create an article. (you can also make a configuration team-article subject).

    For the second requirement: maybe a workflow to search old articles and unpublish them.

    If you need any details, let me know.

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    24 Oktober 2011 19:50