Maximum how many projects can I simultaneously create in 2016 MS Project Server base

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  • Hard to say because it depends on many factors, ie.  number of servers, memory, CPU cores and speed, server tiers, number of front end, middle tier and SQL Server, cache, project server version, current load on sharepoint, etc.

    The other thing to keep in mind, is that when you create a project, nothing is really happening other than setting up some data structures.  Its the save or publish that is doing a lot of work and each does different things.   Also the size of the project in number of tasks, number of resources, complexity of the schedule.

    And everything you do on PWA goes thru a queue, so when you save or publish, it goes in the queue at first and then jobs are executed from queue in first come - first served.

    I don't think there is an answer to your question, until all the details above are described.

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  • There is no real hard limit, you can throw 1000's of project create jobs at it in one go regardless of the farm topology, this is due to the queue based system Project Server uses. They wont all create at the same time but they will enter the queue and be processed when the queue has space.

    What is the reason for asking - that might help us answer? What is the scenario?

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