Pre-event Event Handler on Project Schedule Save/Update method

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  • Hi

    Our requirement is to check the custom field values of the project schedule/tasks on Save event and if the business rules failed then display the error message to user and stay on the same page. This needs to be implemented in PWA-Project Schedule as well as in Project client.

    I have created the event handler on OnUpdating event to achieve this but found that

    1.    The event handler got fired after updating Project Summary page. It did not got fired after changing project schedule data. I tried to write code for OnUpdatingScheduledProject method but could not locate the method. 

    2.    I had written the code to cancel the update and on Save project server does gave error like 'There update could not be completed. Please contact System Administrator'. But the project was blocked in the queue and the ribbon buttons were disbaled. The project has to be forced checked-in to release it for further update.

    Is this the usual behaviour of event handler or some code is missing?

    Please advise.



    Kamis, 10 Januari 2013 11.46

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  • Has anyone have any idea about this event handler?

    Senin, 14 Januari 2013 11.49
  • Were you able to get his done? If yes, can you let me know how did you get it working?

    Also, in my case the event OnUpdatingScheduledProject doesn't not even trigger when I make a update from MPP. FYI, I'm using PS2016




    Selasa, 15 Mei 2018 04.38