Converting a string to a numeric value in PWA


  • Hopefully an easy question. We created page in PWA that scores dependency impacts by platform. The response value is a 'None' or 'Low'... If there is a formula that converts a string to a numeric value in PWA that we can use our custom field, please let me know. Thank you.
    Rabu, 09 Mei 2018 23.19


  • M Scott Davis,

    I don't use PWA but there is no ready made formula for converting text to a numeric value, unless the text is a date. You need to define what numeric value represents "none", what numeric value represents "low" and so forth. In a custom field you can then use a nested IF statement, a Choose, or a Switch function to translate the text to a number.

    Hope this helps.


    Jumat, 11 Mei 2018 16.27