Static WBS Numbering


  • I'm wondering if this is a common problem/question.  We have a WBS defined, but sometimes we have projects that don't fit the WBS exactly so we end up removing a task or two from the overall schedule.  We want to display the WBS number next to the tasks in MSProject, but when you remove a task, it results in a renumbering of your WBS field.  Those numbers are tied to our ERP system for billing, so we need those numbers to be static. 

    I was thinking of just creating a separate WBS field that doesn't use the autonumbering that MSProject provides.  Is this my only recourse?

    11 Nopember 2010 17:14


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  • Sorry, I just answered my own question by going to Project > WBS and defining my own codes.  Now they're static!  How I missed that before, I'll never know.  :)
    11 Nopember 2010 17:20
  • Hi Kevin - How did you resolve this?

    20 September 2018 8:38
  • Henrik,

    The WBS field in Project is a dual input field. That is, Project automatically enters a WBS code but a user can override that code and manually enter their own code. If the user leaves the code as supplied by Project, the WBS code structure will automatically be adjusted if a task is added or removed. However, if the user enters their own code, the values stay as entered by the user.

    Hope this helps.


    20 September 2018 13:55