Time Keeps Ticking Away, Where's The Monthly Report

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  • I'm not letting this go till there is some clairification on this it's been 31 days to the T and no Monthly report.

    18 Januari 2008 5:15

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  • Hello Mikro,Iam having the same problem.I uninstalled Windows Live One Care because it was out of date,then re-installed it and found out that I couldn't click on (view monthly report).I have sent an email to Microsoft for an answer to this problem,I will tell you what to do after I get a reply back from Microsoft.Just a question Mikro,is or was your One Care Circle out of date because of your Monthly report problem?


    07 Juni 2008 22:09
  • Sorry it took so long to get back to this but Monthly report still a little takes to long in between reports


    And everything is in check date wise

    23 Juli 2008 17:22
  • I get the monthly report like clockwork after the first tune up of each new month. I run tune up every week and when it runs the first time after the monthly anniversary of my install date, I get the report.

    So if you accept the default of running every 4 weeks, that would mean you would not get your first report for at least 8 weeks, or about 56 days... it is actually there, it just only automatically displays after a tune up in my experience.

    30 Oktober 2008 18:12