Splitting uncompleted tasks after rescheduling in MS Project


  • Hi

    after rescheduling in MS Project, there is a problem with uncompleted tasks (More than 0% - Less then 100%).

    MSP will take remaining duration of uncompleted tasks from my status date. the problem is that i don`t want MSP to split the task. Just need to extend my task like normal task and increase my duration.

    Rabu, 28 November 2018 10.57

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  • Masoud,

    Sorry, in Project there is no such thing as "extend my task like normal task and increase my duration."  The only way to avoid splits of in-progress tasks that are going slower than planned is to manually increase the task Duration by increasing the Actual Duration.   Assuming you know the Actual Start date, Status Date, and Remaining Duration, this is easily done with these steps:

    a. Apply a view with the Tracking Table

    b. Set the Status Date

    c. Ensure the task duration is long enough to extend from the Actual Start past the Status Date

    d. Mark the task "On Track."  (This sets the Actual Duration up through the Status Date.)

    e. Enter the Remaining Duration.

    You might find this a useful reference:

    Good luck, tom

    Rabu, 28 November 2018 21.52
  • Try this and see if it works for you

    1) Right click on the Gantt chart

    2) Select "Layout"

    3) Uncheck "show bar splits"

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    Kamis, 29 November 2018 01.49
  • Michael's is a lot cleaner and simpler.  I vote for it.

    If you ever DO have a need to display splits, however, your updated schedule may be riddled with them.

    Kamis, 29 November 2018 18.45
  • Dear Tom

    Thank you for your reply.

    your comments were so helpful, and I'm applying on my schedule. I found that I cannot use Reschedule for entire project.

    I have to determine Actual duration, remaining duration and use Reschedule selected tasks on each uncompleted task. my schedule has more than 1000 activity, that`s why i have to spend more tome to apply. By the way, thank you very much for your kind attention. Soon I will inform you about the result.

    Best regards

    • Diedit oleh Masoud hagh Kamis, 29 November 2018 21.28
    Kamis, 29 November 2018 21.17
  • Dear Michael

    Thanks for your reply.

    Based on your comments, just i can have a good and correct format in bar chart view. while i need to have correct and extend my schedule`s duration through rescheduling.

    thank you so much for your kind attention.

    Kamis, 29 November 2018 21.26
  • Masoud,

    I think there may be a little confusion on exactly what you want. Do you not want the task to split at all or do you simply not want to see the split even though there may be one?

    If you don't want the task to split, then clear the option to "split in-progress tasks" (File > options > Schedule group). You will have to deal with the increased duration as Tom noted in his response.

    On the other hand if you simply do not want to see the split on the Gantt Bar then Michael's approach will do that.


    Jumat, 30 November 2018 01.21
  • Masoud,

    Your reply implies that you are using the "Reschedule uncompleted work to start after..." part of the Update Project dialog.  This was not part of my earlier response, and it typically forces a split for in-progress work that is proceeding slower than planned.  (It does nothing to in-progress tasks if you un-check the box as suggested by John.)  Whatever you are going for, good luck, tom   

    Jumat, 30 November 2018 14.57