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  • Hi

    I reviewed the previous topic and none showed what I'm looking for. I need the # of hours that the Overallocated Report uses to show the report. See below,

    There are total # of hours this chart is using per resource to come up with this chart. How do I get these Overallocated hours?  I can't paste the picture because of the below error,

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    Thank you in advance for your time

    Rabu, 28 November 2018 13.56

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  • GoMSProject,

    I'm not sure which graph you are referring to, but in the following screen shot, Joe is overallocated during a 2 day period. He is assigned to work 16h per day during those 2 days but his default working hours are 8h/day, which means he is overallocated by 8 hours each day. The graph simply shows the allocated and overallocated bars stacked.

    Does that help?


    Kamis, 29 November 2018 15.27