treeview :display scrollbar (Scrollable=true not work)


  • i want to always show the scrollbar even size of node text is smaller.

    i use Site Web and my Framwork:4.6

    asp:TreeView ID="TreeView1" runat="server" Height="5px" Width="56px" LineImagesFolder="~/TreeLineImages" ShowLines="True" OnInit="TreeView1_Init" AutoGenerateDataBindings="False">
                            <asp:TreeNode Text="ID" Target="_blank">
                                <asp:TreeNode Text="1" Target="_blank" />
                                <asp:TreeNode Text="2" Target="_blank" />
                                <asp:TreeNode Text="3" Target="_blank" />
                                <asp:TreeNode Text="4" Target="_blank" />

    i try to write this properties but i don't find it !!!!

    "Scrollable=true " can you help me please

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