My MS account doesn't work


  • Since May 2018 I cannot login to my MS account, cannot use it to login Windows 10 on my laptop, cannot use in Skype, OneNote, MS Office Outlook, OneDrive.. simply nowhere. Trying to login to I receive the error:
    Outlook w sieci Web:
    X-ClientId: 7465C3E1F6F14F19A34D5E8C81FABE3F
    request-id 603901cf-662f-4507-9091-f2d5c4ab538c
    X-Auth-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.MSSPErrorException
    X-OWA-Version 15.20.1143.15
    X-FEServer HE1PR09CA0079
    X-BEServer HE1PR09MB0059
    Date:22.09.2018 19:31:23
    Please help me to find a solution, tried to report the issue to MS support but no solution till now.

    It is pending 7 months already.

    Thanks for help.


    Sabtu, 22 September 2018 19.44

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  • Hi,

    It looks the problem is with the account, since this forum is for questions and feedback related to Outlook desktop applications, I'd recommend you post a new question to the dedicated account to get further assistance:

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    Steve Fan

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    Senin, 24 September 2018 02.45