How to verify that user was playing Solitaire on PC


  • Is there a log file to show if someone uses any of the windows games especially solitaire. I suspect some of our employees are playing games all day, but no way to prove it.

    I think there are some registry values or event logs that capture this information? Is it? Where can i find any traces that can help?
    15 Februari 2009 6:15

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  • You can individually right-click on the sol.exe file and see when the file was last accessed.  I'd recommend either deleting all the games on each machine in question, then locking those machines down to where the users can not install software.  You could also look at a machine inventory application such as Altiris or something similar.  
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    16 Februari 2009 16:11
  • You could also just see if the user is getting their work done.  If they are, then I would worry about them playing solitare (there is such a thing as employee moral).

    If they aren't then it doesn't matter if they are playing solitare or picking their nose. 
    04 Maret 2009 16:58