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    I can't see stream video in PictureBox but I have login succsessfull. My code is:

    LONG lUserID;
    NET_DVR_DEVICEINFO_V30 struDeviceInfo;
    lUserID = NET_DVR_Login_V30("", 8000, "admin", "1234", &struDeviceInfo);
    if (lUserID < 0)
            GetDlgItem(IDC_INFO1)->SetWindowText("Error lUserID");
    NET_DVR_SetExceptionCallBack_V30(0, NULL, g_ExceptionCallBack, NULL);
    LONG lRealPlayHandle;
    HWND hWnd = (HWND)(*GetDlgItem(IDC_PBCAM));
    NET_DVR_CLIENTINFO ClientInfo = { 0 };
    ClientInfo.hPlayWnd = hWnd;// GetDlgItem(IDC_PBX_CAM)->GetSafeHwnd;//IDC_PBX_CAM
    ClientInfo.lChannel = 1;
    ClientInfo.lLinkMode = 0;
    ClientInfo.sMultiCastIP = NULL;
    BOOL bPreviewBlock = false;
    lRealPlayHandle = NET_DVR_RealPlay_V30(lUserID, &ClientInfo, NULL, NULL, 0);
    if (lRealPlayHandle < 0)
    	GetDlgItem(IDC_INFO1)->SetWindowText("Error lRealPlayHandle");
    	GetDlgItem(IDC_INFO1)->SetWindowText("video ok");

    I have text "video ok" but don't appear video. The compilation is without errors.

    I use Visual C++ 2013.

    Any idea?

    Rabu, 25 April 2018 14.58

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    thanks for posting here.

    This forum is about c++ development with Microsoft products. For your case which is more related to the HikVision library, I suggest you ask their support team for better support.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be grateful.

    Best Regards,

    Baron Bi

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