Video Conferencing / Preview Window


  • Hi all,


    I have a question regarding "preview window" during the video conferencing session.


    If 2 users are in "video call" then only the "preview window" is mirrored to the user in Communicator. This is normally not an issue because the session is converted right to other participant.


    Is this behavior by design?




    10 September 2008 7:31

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  • Yes, this is by design.  Maybe it's because usability testers got dizzy when they saw themselves back as the camera does.

    10 September 2008 21:35
  • Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to switch this back, so I will not see myself mirrored? This behaviour is a problem for me, as I often uses the camera to show various papers to the other participant. The mirrored image makes it hard to focus on the correct text.

    19 Oktober 2009 7:24