What does 'precision level' mean in this WMI method?


  • I have an app that needs to run the GetConversionStatus method of the Win32_EncryptableVolume class in WMI to detect various information about the state of Bitlocker on the current machine.

    The MSDN page for this method defines a parameter named 'PrecisionFactor'. They describe this as:

    A value from 0 to 4 that specifies the precision level

    What is this for? Does anyone know what this actually affects or what difference this has on the output? Is there an English description of what this parameter actually does?

    30 Mei 2017 8:52

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  • Hi adurrans,

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    From the document we know that the Microsoft has provide simple description for these parameters, If the description doesn't help you, you can write your feedback and question at the end of document.

    The author will provide help for you.

    I am not sure that the issue is related to developing issue, I will move the case to off-topic forum.

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    31 Mei 2017 6:37
  • Does precision level influence the returned values in your experiments?

    31 Mei 2017 7:23
  • The percentages are returned always as UInt32. So, to give the users the flexibility of the decimal digits, the PrecisionFactor is taken as input.

    Based on the precision factor, the percentages accurate to those many decimal digits would be returned but as UInt32. The following script explains the behavior:

    PS C:\> 0..4 | % { $encVol.GetConversionStatus($_).EncryptionPercentage } | ft

    For my fully encrypted volume, the outputs were


    01 Juni 2018 0:12