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  • Once upon a time, not many months ago, but probably before the time that microsoft appeared at the top of the page, my hotmail account could do"forward" and "reply" simply and easily.  Alas, no more.  Other people I know with hotmail accounts have the same problem and their unanimous advice is to open another account.  I don't really want to change my email address on absolutely everything.  I would just like to return to the state of being where everything worked.  I have looked at "related topics" and everything is in a language I don't speak.  I don't really want to do computer anatomy 101.  I just want it to work.

    My other question is, if microsoft owns hotmail, why don't their spam filters stop messages with microsoft in the title?  You would think they would be in a position to know if the message was authentic.

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    giovedì 20 maggio 2010 12:02