Sharring My One care protection


  • Hi this the third time i have requested help and have not gotten it. I want to share one care protection with my wifes PC. I have read how to . But how can i instal one care on her PC if i don't have a DVD, You automaticly install it on mine email so you can do, If you can't do this PLEASE cotact me ans atleast tell me.
    Thank you
    Dean Goldsmith
    mercoledì 18 novembre 2009 15:26


  • Okay, now it is the 4th time, I guess. I answered your previous post:
    and I moved it to the Install forum. I'll leave this one here.

    Nobody can contact you as this is a forum where customers help each other - it isn't support and it isn't "live" and interactive. Your contact information isn't available to anyone unless you provide an email address, which is not advised as it invites you getting spam due to email address harvesting from web sites.

    ~ Microsoft MVP Windows Live ~ Windows Live OneCare| Live Mesh|MS Security Essentials Forums Moderator ~
    mercoledì 18 novembre 2009 18:26

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