Cannot make the 1st step of ISCSI Deployment on HPC Server r2 beta


  • What kind of software i need to make iscsi deployment in windows server 2008 hpc edition r2 beta1?
    For now i have installed Starwind software target provider, but nothing changed - iscsi deployment in HPC Cluster manager still locked.
    At 10:13 in this video we can see that Greg use "ISCSI Storage provider prototype", so such software isnt exist - only developer prototypes?
    domenica 14 marzo 2010 00:34


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  • the iscsi provider you use, will depend on the iscsi target you want to use.  Which iscsi target are you planning to use?

    martedì 16 marzo 2010 17:12
  • I use microsoft iscsi software target and vds hardware provider. I have installed VDS hardware provider for microsoft iscsi target 3.2 (iscsitargetClient.msi) but iscsi deployment todo list still missing. I know that HPC Cluster manager needs some dll path in registry:

    "ProviderPath"=REG_EXPAND_SZ:C:\Program Files\somefolder\somelib.dll

    So where can i get installation package that includes this dll? Maybe in hpc_wintarget_provider.msi mentioned here ? I can`t find it to download.


    martedì 30 marzo 2010 20:06