NoReplyAll Silent Batch File


  • We are planning a roll-out of the NoReplyAll add-in, and need to be able to silently install this via a batch file.  I can't seem to get it to answer the Install/Don't Install question automatically.  Is there any tips you can provide to automate the installation of this add-in?


    2011年12月9日 16:09


  • It's a topic that's come up in the past - for example, see a bit further down the page.

    I'm afraid I haven't had time to investigate, but it should be possible to do a silent installation. The stuff in my zip is pretty easy to manipulate (a bit of file copying and some registry settings - see my answer to that question), but I don't know about the various prerequisites that the ClickOnce installer grabs for you (listed in the readme file in the zip).

    There were some other references in the old forum, but I see that no longer exists :-( Still, there wasn't much more there.

    If you do investigate further, please let us know how you got on...

    2011年12月9日 18:04