What are Event ID Errors and how serious are they?


  • I currently have 582 events in my Event Log ranging from Warning to Critical. All of these have various Task Categories associated with them, yet there is no explanation or guidance on how serious it is and how to repair. Here is an example of a critical Event ID 300 under the category Standby Performance Monitoring, OpCode Standby information.

    Windows has resumed from standby:
         Standby Duration        :    73410ms
         Standby Incident Time (UTC)    :    3/13/2010 1:38:58 AM
         Resume  Duration        :    33100ms
         Resume  Incident Time (UTC)    :    3/13/2010 4:23:19 PM
         IsDegradation            :    false

    I have not had good luck with my PC (HP Notebook) having three major crashes and HD replacements that cause my level of concern regarding these messages to be quite high. All of the Errors identified as "critical" are Event ID 300 standby Information problems.

    I have searched the Microsoft site and got 3 results for Event ID 300 but none pertained to the problem I has and endless searchers (and deadends) have led me here.

    The option of choosing the event log online produces no results.

    So, someone please save my sanity please.


    2010年3月29日 17:56