WWT Telescope control panel


  • I have SkySensor 2K running in the LX200 interface mode, I also have the starbook. I am able and quickly can connect using Cartes Du Ciel, I can move my mount and update the time. However WWT the direction buttons do not work I can connect either Ascom SS2K or LX200, slew and when on a target the WWT map will move though the mount itself is tracking fine but need to recenter the display. I only wonder if a better interface could be deloveped to where the program does not only crash but offer better controls. I using Win Vista Pro 32 bit. I have other programs but I like WWT but its the only one that seem to has issues. My computer is not loaded with junk and only is used for astronomy and drivers and programs are updated.



    2012년 2월 26일 일요일 오전 2:13